A New Tutoring Company Connects Houston Students with Math & Science Professionals

A New Tutoring Company Connects Houston Students with Math & Science Professionals

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Action Potential Learning, an education and tutoring company specializing in math and science, is now offering private, one-on-one tutoring for core science and math subjects to students grades k-12. Unlike most tutoring companies, all Action Potential Learning educators are specialists, meaning all tutors are certified educators in science and math or industry professionals in a technical field.

"We want children spending that critical time before an exam working with somebody who deeply understands the material, has a technical background and is qualified to teach advanced math or science concepts," said Action Potential co-founder and Director of Business Development Adam Pond, who has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. The mission of Action Potential Learning is not only to help students advance in science and math education, but to connect them with industry professionals who use their applied technical knowledge on a daily basis. From this, students can gain valuable advice concerning career prospects and discover realistic job opportunities as they prepare for college. This type of added benefit does have value, as recent trends indicate students who master a technical discipline have a better career outlook after college.

It’s no secret that American students are falling behind other countries in science and math performance. International education studies have shown a performance deficit in academic mastery for American students in core science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. The chasm in STEM subject performance places a burden on the health of the United States economy, which is increasingly becoming dependent on technological innovation. This not only threatens the United States’ standing as the world’s leading innovator, but also reduces our children’s competitiveness in an increasingly technological global economy. With stark international competition, American students deficient in math and science could suffer reduced employment prospects, as technical and engineering careers continue to offer the greatest opportunity for growth, security and income.

Our goal is not only to help students memorize material for an exam, but to make them better problem solvers.

This is where Action Potential Learning’s focus on STEM subjects comes into play. Challenging math and science curriculum generally requires an extra level of instruction to ensure confident understanding of key concepts. Many students and parents are seeking private tutoring to give them a competitive edge when dealing with difficult and often abstract STEM concepts. "At Action Potential Learning, the focus of our private tutoring is on math and science, giving us the ability to design our learning strategies around core concept understanding, and to train our tutors to effectively communicate this material to students who need that extra level of attention," said Action Potential Learning co-founder and Director of Program Development Shayna Loebig Pond, who is also an Assistant Principal for the Houston Independent School District (HISD).

The Action Potential Learning instructional strategy focuses on the distinct type of learning necessary to understand and apply complex technical concepts. According to Action Potential Learning, this system is more amenable to human learning and memory, translating into a deeper understanding of complex concepts and easier retention of fact-based information. The goal of Action Potential Learning’s tutoring model is not only to help students memorize material for an exam, but to make them better problem solvers by helping them understand the principles of math and science on a deep level.

By connecting industry experts trained to communicate advanced math and science concepts with Houston-area students, Action Potential Learning hopes to offer a higher level of quality to students and parents seeking additional help with their child’s math and science education.


About Action Potential Learning, LLC:
Action Potential Learning delivers private, in-home tutoring services for math and science subjects as well as standardized test preparation. Specializing in math and science, all academic tutors are certified educators or have an academic or professional background in math and science, often including a graduate-level degree or doctorate. With flexible scheduling and individualized instruction, Action Potential Learning helps students master difficult math and science concepts so they can achieve their academic and career goals.

Action Potential Learning, LLC is based in Austin, Texas and offers services to the Texas area. For more information, visit the company’s website at: or check out their blog with helpful education and test preparation articles as well as free science and math educational tools.





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