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Action Potential Learning’s goal is to teach students how to take control of their own learning- to set goals, work hard, learn new ideas, and connect knowledge to the world around them. We recruit and train educators who are passionate and motivated to help students succeed in their academic and post-academic careers. Whether a child’s goal is to improve their performance on course work or enrich their academics with engaging coursework, we strive to support and motivate our students to reach their full potential.

In order to fully impact the educational outcome of all students, we recognize the need to provide support beyond class instruction. This is why we provide a number of rigorous academic enrichment programs that focus on improving key skill sets critical to success in school and life. We encourage students to ask questions, think critically, explore new concepts, and build a deeper understanding of how the world works and where their interests lie. These critical skill sets are why we provide tutorial and enrichment support through school intervention programs, giving students from all backgrounds the ability to learn to master these important concepts. Our teacher support programs, like our observation & feedback programs, training and professional development courses, and complete curriculum offerings even allow us to impact students at times where we are not directly working with them. As a Texas- based company, we understand the needs of the schools in our State and build programs aligned to the speicifc requirements of each school. 

As a certified teacher with extensive experience in education, I understand that excellent teaching, rigorous standards- aligned content & curriculum, and extensive teacher and student support are critical for the success of students in any academic setting. We value excellent service and support in all of our programs, and seek to build lasting relationships with our schools and students.

We are truly looking forward to serving you and your school.


President, Action Potential Learning

Block QuoteOur Mission: Action Potential Learning is dedicated to helping students achieve intellectual growth, curiosity, and improved academic performance by providing high-quality and economical education services to schools, parents, and students.




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