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Our Organization & History

Action Potential Learning is a comprehensive school services provider that offers Intervention Tutoring, Test Preparation, Professional Development, and Enrichment classes to schools, school districts, and community education departments. Operating since 2013, we have grown to provide tutorial support for reading, writing, math, and test prep, and college entrance exams as well as professional development for teachers and administrators. We have delivered these services to dozens of schools, school districts and hundreds of families- ultimately serving thousands of Texas-area students. Originally founded by a former teacher and school administrator from Texas, we now operate in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin and San Antonio and surrounding districts and metro areas.

Our goal as a company is to teach students how to take control of their own learning – to set goals, work hard, and achieve intellectual growth, curiosity and ultimately improved academic performance. We also strive to provide services that are both high-quality and economical for schools and school districts- giving us the ability to reach as many students as possible. The key to the quality of our services stems from one major theme that sets our services apart from other providers: we aim to provide schools with more than just tutors and instructors, but trained educators, along with all the expertise and rigor that comes with that title. We achieve this goal by committing to the following key principals:

  1. We Only Hire Highly Qualified Candidates, Selected for Both Knowledge and Talent: All Action Potential Learning tutors and instructors are degreed professionals with a strong record of academic success and instructional experience. We utilize a rigorous interview process to select candidates based on both content knowledge and teaching ability with only 5% of applicants making the cut. Following our rigorous, three-part interview, all tutors undergo the standard background and credentials check (including fingerprinting) as well as multiple trainings and professional development in key subjects related to the required tutorial program. These trainings include instructional best practices, collaborative-teaching methods, check for understanding and assessments, strategies for deep teaching in subject- specific content areas including STAAR, differentiated instruction, testing strategies (including STAAR), and additional trainings as deemed necessary by the program manager after ongoing session observations and student progress review.
  2. Our Programs Are Customized & Adaptive to School Need: Our experience working with multiple schools, districts and communities has taught us the importance of differentiating instructional programs based on the needs of the school. We approach each tutorial program, short-term or year-long, with a consultative attitude – identifying the needs of the students through planning with both school leadership and teachers, assessing historical performance data, identifying the best curriculum approach and reporting needs of the school, and finally developing a strategic plan to help the campus accomplish its goals. Importantly, as a Texas-based company we know and understand the requirements and challenges of Texas-based schools and have experience in helping schools meet their state performance examination requirements.
  3. Programs Based on Data & Evidence-Driven Best Practices: In order to provide the most effective, targeted tutorial sessions, our tutorial programs are highly adaptive- making incremental improvements as the program progresses or needs change. Much like professional educators, we hold a very strong opinion on the importance of objective data collection to improve the overall success of the program and implement several features into our response to intervention programs and tutorials to maintain both the quality and precision of the program.

Finally, Action Potential Learning is a Texas-based company. We take the time to build our tutorial programs around the concepts important to Texas schools. We understand our Texas schools and the requirements of its students, and work to ensure the programs we provide are relevant and aligned to each student’s needs. As proud Texans, we also take southern hospitality to heart. We make it known to all of our team members the importance of providing excellent service and support to our schools and students and make sure that we are always available for guidance and support to help accomplish our unified goal of helping to advance student education and achievement in the state of Texas. This is our mission.


Shayna Pond, President

Action Potential Learning has been providing in-school intervention tutoring, test prep, professional development and enrichment courses to Texas area schools and students since 2013.  The president, Shayna Pond holds a M.S. degree in Biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine, a Texas Science 8-12 Teacher Certification, and a Texas EC-12 Principal Certification, with prior experience as a school administrator.  A former Teacher and Assistant Principal in Texas, Shayna has over 8 years of direct education experience and has contributed to Action Potential Learning’s reputation as a high-quality school improvement service provider since its founding.  Under her leadership, Action Potential Learning has grown to serve dozens of schools and school districts and thousands of Texas students.

Adam Pond, V.P.

VP of Operations, Adam Pond holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine and a B.S. in Chemistry.  Adam has held management, marketing and operational roles in both large companies such as GE and small entrepreneurial companies as well as Action Potential Learning.  Adam’s key role and responsibilities at Action Potential Learning incudes maintaining business systems, marketing and finance as well as helping to execute programs and services.




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