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2016 STAAR 8th Grade Algera I Results

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2016 STAAR 8th Grade Algera I Results

The below data highlight a class of 8th grade Algebra I students that participated in push-in and co-teaching tutorials through APL’s Intervention Support Tutorials Program during the spring of 2016. The Algebra I class of a k-8 school was selected based on their classroom performance in the fall of 2015. The goal of the program was to increase the number of students meeting Level III Advanced performance standards for the 8th grade Algebra I class and to improve student overall growth as indicated by their progress measure for the 2016 school year.

This program consisted of approximately 50 hours of tutorial time consisting of co-teaching, teacher support, or push-ins inside the regular classroom teacher’s classroom. Tutorials followed the APL intervention Support Tutorials Approach for tutoring. The tutor focused primarily on assisting students in the mastery of weak content objectives as determined by teacher- defined in- class progress measures and benchmark or classroom data, and test preparation and efficiency strategies to maximize performance on the STAAR.

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