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How Efficient Are Your Study Habits?

Take Our Studying Self Survey

How Efficient Are Your Study Habits?

Studying is not just about taking the time to review a concept covered in class. Great studying happens in the classroom, at home, and even while you are taking your test. Quiz yourself now! Take this survey, put together by the education professionals at Action Potential Learning to identify your study strengths and weaknesses and help you understand what you can do to improve your performance next year.

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Instructions: For each statement that is true for you, give yourself one point. Add up the total points you receive to determine what kind of studier you are and what you can do to improve your studying performance.

Teachers, Students & Parents: Please download a free copy of our Studying Assessment to help your students or child improve their study habits.

Also check out our resource page for more great education tools.

Reflective- Do you analyze your strengths and weaknesses and seek ways to improve?

  • I clarify concepts that confuse me by asking questions or seeking out more information during the school day
  • I write down questions I have about my notes as I study and I fully answer those questions before the test
  • I use outside sources, like Wikipedia, study groups, etc. if I don’t understand the class
  • I make sure to understand the “why” behind the concepts I learned in class
  • After studying, I can predict what areas I will perform well on and what areas I may struggle with
  • I analyze past tests or quizzes to determine why I got questions wrong
  • I determine how concepts in other classes or other lessons connect together

Organized- Do you structure your notes and prepare to properly meet your study goals?

  • I draw pictures or diagrams to help me learn concepts
  • I use flash cards, outlines, or other study aids to help me learn concepts
  • I schedule my time at home to incorporate studying
  • I study and complete homework in a consistent, quiet, and calm environment
  • I memorize or use mnemonics to help me remember concepts, vocabulary, or equations
  • I come to class prepared with notes, notebook, pens/ pencils, etc
  • I manage time well and do not have trouble finishing tests/ homework/ graded work on time

Resilient- Do you stay focused and maintain momentum?

  • I pay attention in class
  • I take productive breaks but maintain a study schedule
  • I prioritize studying over other personal and fun events in my life
  • I begin studying several days before a test
  • I complete my homework on time
  • I study each subject for several hours each week
  • I practice extra problems and equations to help prepare for tests

Strategic- Do you have a plan for success?

  • I take detailed notes in class and make careful note of confusing concepts to focus on in detail later
  • I use an organizer or calendar to ensure I complete work on time and maintain a study schedule
  • I make notes immediately on my tests to record important concepts that could be useful during the test
  • I skip around on tests, tackling the easiest questions first and returning to the harder questions afterwards
  • If I have time remaining on the test, I go back and check each problem, calculation, and answer choice
  • If I know I have strict time limits, I strategize how long to spend on each test question
  • I review all old homework, quizzes, and questions on a regular basis to find patterns in the content and what the teacher expects me to know

Add up your total points scored in this study self- survey and review your results!

If you scored 0-10 points: You definitely have the brains to perform your best, but you don’t have all the study skills to meet your full potential as a student. Determine which of the four above areas is your weakest, and begin improving your study skills in that area. Focus on one area at a time until you master all 4 study skills. You may want to enlist the help of your parents, teachers, or a private tutor to help maximize your studying potential. Improving your study skills will definitely improve your performance and your grades in your class.

If you scored 11-21 points: You’re on your way to maximizing your performance by using study skills to complement your already stellar intelligence. Keep working to improve yourself by recognizing what great skills you already have and finding ways to use those strengths to focus on your weaker areas. Your teacher or a private tutor can help keep you on track and help you improve. Keep working on your weaker areas and watch your understanding of concepts and graded work improve in no time!

If you scored 22- 28 points: You’re smart and skilled at studying- what a great combination! There’s always room for improvement, though. Commit to mastering every study skill to maximize your potential. Once you’ve mastered all study skills, extend your knowledge by learning above and beyond what is expected of you in class. You’re grades should be stellar- if they’re not, you may not be implementing all study skills effectively, even if you think you are. Your teacher or a private tutor can help you become the best student possible. Keep analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and constantly seek ways to improve yourself.

Article written by Shayna L. Pond and Action Potential Learning

Action Potential Learning provides private tutoring in math and science as well as standardized test prep. As math and science specialists, our tutors know and understand difficult math and science concepts and can help you improve your grades and perform on standardized tests.

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