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Articles tagged with: Reading Tools


Exploring Literature Genres in the Elementary Classroom

Exposure to texts from a wide variety of genres opens up new worlds to readers! Encourage your students to expand their reading habits, as well as recognize the importance of each genre, with these practical tips you can implement today!

Often, students will find one type of story they enjoy reading, and never take a chance to break out of their reading rut. By exposing your students to different genres of texts, you can open so many new worlds of reading! If that alone is not reason enough to begin a genre study in your classroom, consider how every genre has its own purpose and set of features. If your students are never exposed to traditional literature such as fables and myths, they may never know the wonder of oral storytelling and passing stories on from generation to generation. If they never read biographies, they may not understand the value of telling a story in chronological order. If they don’t read informational texts from an early age, they may struggle later on with research skills and understanding content-specific vocabulary. These are just a few examples of why understanding genre is so important.

Written by: Wendy Lipe


How To Analyze The STAAR Reading Test Using Lexile or ATOS

Methods for Analyzing Text Complexity of the STAAR and other Reading Passages Using Lexile or ATOS

How To Analyze The STAAR Reading Test Using Lexile or ATOS

Have you chosen a passage for your students to read in class but weren’t sure whether the level of complexity was right?  Do you wonder about the real Lexile® level of STAAR passages or other standardized tests?  Or, perhaps you’d like to type up your own sample passages for students, but want to make sure you are writing text at the appropriate level for your students.

This post will review two sources to help you analyze texts more deeply, so that you can provide your students the right level of texts to help move them towards mastery of their grade level standards.


Reading Comprehension Strategy Tools

A Comprehensive Set of Graphic Organizers & Reading Comprehension Tools For Educators & Parents

Reading Comprehension Strategy Tools

Use these 7 reading comprehension strategy tools and graphic organizers to guide reading lessons and tutoring sessions with your student(s).  Designed for teachers, parents or students, these tools help build reading comprehension by allowing students to more effectively organize information found within reading passages, in books or on exams.  Feel free to download, print, or share!  If you are interested in more free reading tools, please let us know in the comments section below.

Written by: Shayna Pond




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