Parental Involvement

Geometry Study Guide & Theorems

This free, comprehensive tool lists the major geometry theorems, necessary to master geometry proofs and provides tips on mastering key geometry content.

Reading Genre Anchor Chart for Elementary Readers

Reading Genre Anchor Chart for Elementary Readers

Creating an ongoing class anchor chart is a great way to teach a variety of genres, and can be adapted for any elementary grade level. All you need to get started is a simple three column chart with the following labels: Genre, Features, and Examples.  Here we provide a basic 2-column chart describing the features of various genres (fantasy, science-fiction, biography, myths, etc.)

Student Progress Report Template

Student Progress Report Template

Progress report template- Use this student progress report template for your intervention work with students to help involve parents in the child’s learning at school.

Student-Parent Conference Tracker

Student-Parent Conference Tracker

Use this parent conference/ phone call tracker to keep a record of your interactions with your students' parents and take consistent notes on the date, time, and outcome of the parent discussions. 

Study Skills Self-Assessment

Take this free assessment to find out how to improve your studying efficiency.

Test Analysis Tool

Use this free tool to analyze your next test and discover areas for targeted improvement.




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