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B.A. Psychology
University of Texas

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Experience & Credentials
Former Teacher
Over 2 Years Teaching Experience

Tutoring Subjects
Science: Elementary Science Reading/ ELA: Elementary Reading, Middle School Reading, English I, English II, English III, English IV, AP English Writing: Elementary Writing, Middle School Writing, High School Writing/ Essays History/ Social Sciences: Elementary History/ SS, Middle School History/ SS Test Prep:  SAT, STAAR
Bio: My passion for teaching stems from the love I have for helping students reach their maximum potential. Whether that be in an academic setting or socially, I feel that achieving goals they’ve set for themselves provides students with the confidence to tackle anything in life.

Teaching Style: I take a guided-learning approach to teaching. I like to first map out my students’ concerns and goals, create a plan of action for them to reach those goals, and then provide them the resources to achieve. I am always close by and ready to answer questions, or give extra guidance when needed but I feel that learning is more rewarding when the student plays a larger role in the overall process.

Summary of Prior Experience: I have about 2 years of teaching experience with a pre-school population, wherein my main focus was prepping them for kindergarten or grade level curriculum. I have had many successes in teaching these new learners the fundamentals of reading and writing. One of my most memorable achievements was with a child who’s second language was English. He could not write his own name when I met him, and very rarely spoke for fear of making mistakes. By the end of the semester I had gotten him to not only write his own name correctly through modeling techniques, but had gotten him to engage in regular conversation with me and his peers. Experiences like those are the most gratifying to me.


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