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B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies (Education)
University of Houston

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3 Years of Teaching Experience
Specialized in K-Elementary

Tutoring Subjects
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Math STAAR, English/ Reading STAAR, English, Reading

I am from Belize and have a degree in bilingual education from the University of Houston Downtown. I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Since graduation, I have worked for three years at Small Steps Nurturing Center, a preschool for underprivileged inner-city children. I then returned to Belize, where I worked as a teacher for a private school before returning to Houston where I am currently a legal resident. I have extensive experience teaching a wide variety of students from kindergarten through second grade. Since 2015, I have been living in Houston as a permanent legal resident.

Teaching Style: I am a tactile learner and, thus, use a lot of materials that allow students to be able to touch and visualize while learning. Students have different ways of learning, but using physical props helps to keep them engaged and facilitates learning difficult concepts for many types of students.

Summary of Prior Experience: I have worked as a tutor at the University of Texas Residential Hall Study Groups. This was a more relaxed environment where students came up on an as-needed basis to ask questions about calculus concepts, often before a test or while doing homework. My job was to provide support, tutoring, and encourage group studying among the students. The most successful times were when a student would finally understand a concept and then turn around to the next student who was struggling and help them through it, creating an environment of enthusiasm and learning.


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