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B.S. Education
Applied Learning & Development
University of Texas at Austin

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Experience & Credentials
Over 11 Years of Teaching or 
Tutoring Experience
Former Elementary-Level Teacher
Montessori Certification
G/T Student Performance &
Curriculum Trained
Experience With Students With
Learning Disabilities

Tutoring Subjects
Science: Elementary Science  Math: Elementary Math, Middle School Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Precalculus  Reading/ ELA: Elementary Reading  Writing: Elementary Writing, Middle School Writing, High School Writing/ Essays, College Essays/ Applications/ Resume  History/ Social Sciences: Elementary History/ SS
Bio: Teaching is my passion, growth is my goal, and success is always the outcome. This has been my motto for my entire teaching career. I love taking complicated concepts and turning them into exciting projects in which the students explore and learn through hands-on experiences. I am able to explain ideas in multiple ways using visual aids, experiences the students are familiar with, and metaphors to clearly demonstrate and achieve a thorough understanding. In my class, every student will grow academically, socially, and emotionally through careful guidance and mentoring. My favorite student expression is “Oh! I get it now!”  This is success.  This is why I teach.

Teaching Style: Students need to work with a concept by physically touching and manipulating it because learning happens through the hands. This ensures that students take ownership of their own learning and develop a complete understanding by exploring how a concept does and does not work. I guide this exploration with specific questions and suggestions that lead the student to demonstrate the concept clearly and then guide them to explain what they are observing and realizing. I often ask students to follow up their learning with a written expression of their work such as a written explanation, drawing, or self-made example.

By giving students physical representations of concepts, they are able to “see” how it works and doesn’t work. This aids memory and assists the transition between a concrete, “I can see it”, understanding to an abstract, “I know it in my head”, understanding. By allowing students to work through the concept, including making mistakes, they are more likely to remember the experience and the understandings that experience led them to.

Summary of Prior Experience: I have worked with students in grades 1st-4th in a combined classroom. This allowed me to tailor instruction to the students’ needs and abilities and I often had lessons with mixed grade levels because each student needed that particular lesson, despite their age and assigned grade level. I have assisted students with a variety of skills both academically, emotionally, and socially. I have been successful in helping mute students learn to verbally express themselves; students with autism manage social interactions and academically succeed; students with ADHD become organized and retain information through graphic organizers; students with home trauma learn to trust the school environment and personnel as a safe place to learn; and targeting student needs and accelerating their learning to their maximum potential.

Enrichment Programs Also Taught: Grade levels 3-5; Grade levels 6-8; High school; Lego Robotics, Basic Engineering,; Inventing; Green Energy; Magnets; Rube Goldberg Inventions; Prototyping, Mathematics, Building, Business, Website design, Demos, Toy/ Game Building, Exploratory building


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