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  • Diverse Subject Background
  • Top 95th Percentile Tutors
  • Diverse Subject Background


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B.A. Psychology
Texas Southern University

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Graduated Suma Cum Laude
Current Math Teacher

Tutoring Subjects
General Elementary (Grades1-5): Mathematics, Science, English, History. Middle School (6-8): Mathematics, Geometry, pre-Algebra. High School (9th grade): Algebra 1

Teaching Style: I believe in providing lessons that are both intellectually stimulating as well as being entertaining. By being able to relate and adapt to students I am able to build up a relationship that inspire students to approach various educational challenges. I am willing to step outside myself and do whatever is possible to get students engaged. Whether its singing/dancing in a lecture, drawing familiar cartoon characters, or using various forms of humor; I will do what is necessary to encourage student engagement and ensure educational mastery.

Summary of Prior Experience: I am currently an Apollo Math Fellow at Worthing High School. I work with various at risk youth in the Houston Sunnyside community. I have been very successful in developing positive relationships with many youth who come from compromised backgrounds. I have had many students with severe deficiencies in mathematic pass their Algebra 1 STAAR exams under my pedagogy.


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