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  • Diverse Subject Background
  • Top 95th Percentile Tutors
  • Diverse Subject Background


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B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Minor in International Engineering
Texas A&M University

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Current Oil & Gas Engineer
Current In-School Academic Tutor

Tutoring Subjects
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Physics, SAT, PSAT, Engineering, Math STAAR, Science STAAR, English/ Reading STAAR, College Essays/ Applications, English, Reading

You’ve heard “When will we ever use this in the real world?!” before. Well, turns out that, although it may not be so obvious, math is everywhere! Understanding and learning it will help you succeed in almost any career. As a mechanical engineer who has worked in many fields I see it everywhere. As a tutor, I love helping kids learn and teaching them why math and reading is so important. I like to inspire kids so that they want to learn and grow up to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Teaching Style: Making sure the student genuinely understands the subject is important to me. Memorizing specific steps is hard but, if you understand the concept and see the “bigger picture” you grasp the material better and recall it easier. So after teaching the material, I like to see if the student can teach it back to me and if they can, then the student has truly understood the material.

Summary of Prior Experience: As a volunteer tutor while attending college, most of my tutoring was with middle school aged kids and younger in both group and one on one settings. Both settings have unique strengths. A group setting will allow students to learn together and encourage healthy competition. If a student was still having trouble or too far behind one on one tutoring is often recommended. One instance I encountered like this stands out to me. A student not only didn’t understand the material, he was also unmotivated to learn it and didn’t want to be at tutoring. Rather than concentrating more on the material, I concentrated more on him. He talked to me about what he wanted to be in the future and it turns out I was familiar with that career. I spoke on how math will help him achieve his dream and from then on his performance in the subject changed. He not only wanted to attend tutoring, but was improving in the subject. I strive to get every one of my kids motivated in learning the material so that they can carry on their success even past tutoring.

Enrichment Programs Also Taught: Lego Robotics, Basic Engineering, Breadboards & Circuits; Inventing; Arduino; Green Energy; Crafty Circuitry; Magnets; Rube Goldberg Inventions; Prototyping


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