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  • Top 95th Percentile Tutors
  • Diverse Subject Background
Michael G

Michael G

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MBA Energy Finance
University of Texas, Austin
M.S. Petroleum Engineering
Texas A&M University
M.S. Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Mathematics
Southern Methodist University

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Experience & Credentials
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Current Oil & Gas Engineer
6 Years of Tutoring/ Education

Tutoring Subjects
Camp Instructor, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, ACT, SAT, PSAT, ISEE, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Engineering, Math STAAR, Science STAAR, English/ Reading STAAR, College Essays/ Applications

While I love math & science, I also have a creative side and I value right side of the brain activities. I enjoy many forms of fine and digital art and consider myself a successful photographer and graphic designer. I also have two U.S. patents for inventions I designed while working as a new product development engineer in oil and gas. In my free time, I continue to play sports including skateboarding and lacrosse. While working as a field engineer in the oilfield, I lived on four different continents and amassed a novel worth of unique, exciting and entertaining experiences.

Growing up as the son of an engineer, I knew I was best suited for an analytical career in science, but realizing that dream was not easy. In large part, my academic success was a result of the phenomenal tutoring I received as a child. With tutoring and effort, I was able to build the essential math and science foundation I use every day. Tutoring is my opportunity to pay it forward and help shape the minds of our world's future scientists, business and engineering leaders. As a young student, there is little more frustrating than struggling with a new and unfamiliar subject. I love helping students push through those struggles and the subsequent pride and self-accomplishment the student experiences. The challenges these future leaders will face in industry and beyond require a population of interested and willing, with a strong foundation in math and science. It is my hope that by tutoring young minds I can better ready my students for those challenges to come, and do so in a way where the student can enjoy the process and the challenge.

Teaching Style: My teaching style varies between inquiry-based learning and cooperative learning, and solely depends on the individual student's aptitude, personality and goals. Within the inquiry-based and cooperative learning styles, I teach with aspects of both a facilitator as well as a personal model. Every child's brain works differently and often a child will benefit most from a combination of learning styles, dependent on the specific subject or problem being addressed. For students with a strong foundation in a particular subject and are looking to progress or sharpen their skills, I believe inquiry-based learning is most successful. The investigative nature of inquiry-based learning is incredibly rewarding for the student as they advance through a subject. With successful facilitating in inquiry-based learning, the student has a sense of unassisted self-accomplishment and retention of subjects learned is extremely high. For students that are either new or struggling with a subject, I believe cooperative learning between the student and the tutor is most effective. The student and I learn the subject from the ground up using heavy doses of visual learning and examples along the way. In all my teaching styles, I try to portray aspects of the personal model teaching method, leading by example not only with the subject at hand, but also with motivation and a passion for learning.

Summary of Prior Experience: My work with students has spanned several tutoring roles. From elementary math to undergraduate engineering, I enjoy working with students of all ages and abilities. The majority of my experience has been on an individual basis with some experience in small group settings. Middle school students I tutored are now pursuing undergraduate degrees in business and engineering, and undergraduate students I tutored are through college and successfully working in a variety of industries.


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