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  • Diverse Subject Background
  • Top 95th Percentile Tutors
  • Diverse Subject Background
Robert B

Robert B

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B.S. Industrial Distribution
Minor in Economics
Texas A&M University

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Current In-School Tutor
99th Percentile SAT Math

Tutoring Subjects
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Physics, SAT, PSAT, Math STAAR, Science STAAR

I first discovered my passion for teaching in my senior year of high school. National Honor Society students were given the opportunity to tutor 9th grade Algebra students as a means of completing a required number of community service hours. Over the course of the year, I got to spend several weeks in the same algebra class. I cherished the time I spent building a rapport with the students, helping them understand concepts, and eventually enabling them to tackle each problem independently.

Teaching Style: Whether I'm tutoring, giving a project presentation, or directing chorus rehearsals, my number one priority is to enable my audience to think critically about the concepts at hand. Instead of demonstrating examples ad nauseum, I engage students with probing, open-ended questions. I do my best to facilitate a thoughtful dialogue -- not recite a lecture. In my own academic experience, this methodology has proven effective in cultivating intrinsic excitement in each students.

Another primary goal of mine is to help students understand the concepts that are troubling them the most. A good teacher can think of several different ways to explain one single concept. It’s a great way to engage all types of learners whether visual, aural, kinesthetic, left-brain, right-brained, etc. When working one-on-one with your student, I’ll strive to discover their unique learning type and cater my instruction to it.

Enrichment Programs Also Taught: Lego Robotics, Basic Engineering, Breadboards & Circuits, Inventing, Arduino, Computer Programming, Green Energy, Crafty Circuitry, Magnets, Rube Goldberg Inventions, Prototyping, Grade levels 3-5, Grade levels 6-8, High school


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