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  • Diverse Subject Background
  • Top 95th Percentile Tutors
  • Diverse Subject Background


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M.D. Medicine - In Progress
Texas A&M Health Science Center
B.S. Biology
Minor in Health Communications
University of Houston

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98th Percentile SAT Math
National Merit Commended Scholar
National AP Scholar Award
AP Scholar with Distinction Award

Tutoring Subjects
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ACT, SAT, PSAT, ISEE*, AP* Calculus, AP Biology, AP Physics, Math STAAR, Science STAAR, English/ Reading STAAR, College Essays/ Applications, English, Reading

In high school, I first learned what it meant to be truly passionate about something. I had always been fascinated by the human body and done well in school, so I decided to attend the DeBakey High School for Health Professions, where I truly fell in love with science. I saw the beauty and intricacy in the details we have painstakingly elucidated from the mystery that is the human body over centuries, and knew I had to be involved in gleaning further knowledge about its wonders. I attended the University of Houston on a scholarship from the Baylor College of Medicine, during which time I participated in research on lupus nephritis. My passions throughout my educational career have also included biomedical debate, writing for both my high school and college newspapers, tutoring high schoolers and volunteering at my church’s free clinic. I have also been fortunate to have traveled to over 30 countries, and have experienced cultures and values vastly different from mine. I ultimately attended medical school after college, but have recently decided to pursue another career path due to extenuating circumstances. Through my own experiences, and my opportunities to glimpse into the experience of others, I have seen that life can be unpredictable, but the one thing we can equip ourselves with to handle anything thrown our way, is an education. In my own life, having a solid educational foundation has taken me far, and my ability to excel has been greatly due to the impact of phenomenal teachers and tutors. Being able to offer both my educational and life experience is such an exciting prospect for me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do just that!

Teaching Style: My teaching style varies depending on each individual student. I like to spend some time with the student to assess their strengths and areas that may need improvement. I firmly believe that teaching should be an interactive experience. I teach by first understanding the child’s thought process, then introducing them to new ways of approaching and analyzing problems. Biologically, this creates novel pathways of thinking in the brain that enable the student to adapt new forms of problem solving to any aspect of their life. Inquiry-based learning allows the child to explore the material in a way that allows it to “click” for them and feel a sense of accomplishment. In my past experience as a tutor, I have also found that once the concept is understood, working through several example problems and utilizing visuals solidifies them further and ensures the student’s ability to apply them. Ultimately my goal is to see improved problem solving skills, retention rate and a sense of accomplishment in each student I work with.

Summary of Prior Experience: My tutoring experience began in Kumon where I worked with children grades K-10 in both math and science. I continue to employ certain aspects of the teaching methods used at Kumon. I have also privately tutored in various high school subjects and assisted students with college applications. The students I worked with were able to achieve their goals in terms of grades and understanding of the material. The students who are now done with high school were accepted into excellent universities and are excelling in what they do.


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