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About Our Title 1 Tutorial Programs

Action Potential Learning offers Title I compliant tutorial services to schools and school districts.  Some of the key features of our services include:

  • Tutorial course selection that includes small group math, science, reading & writing, as well as academic strategies or strategic test preparation strategies.
  • A comprehensive approach: Action Potential Learning provides all curriculum, lesson plans, practice tests, guided reading libraries, mathematics manipulatables, testing and assessment software and computers as well as any necessary equipment or materials. Assessments and benchmarks from either the school or district standardized tests, or another normed standardized test are incorporated into all tutorials as needed and based upon program need.
  • Sessions may be held before/after/during school, weekends, holidays or during the summer months.
  • Tutorial lesson structure and content delivery are research-based and data-driven and are individually designed based on student need.
  • Complete student data tracking including individualized student session notes objective mastery tracking, and behavior/attendance tracking through our online portal and tracking software systems.
  • Quarterly, monthly and/or end of program comprehensive reporting of student progress and achievement.

Parent Support & Involvement

Action Potential Learning has experience with Title 1-based programs which require parental involvement and can provide evaluation and tutorial program status reports in multiple formats including newsletters, live meetings or parent/teacher conferences as needed. As a provider of both in-school tutorial services as well as private-based tutoring and enrichment programs, we have extensive experience and systems in-place for parent communication of student progress, education and consulting as well as parental involvement activities including hosting parent meetings, STEM night programs and newsletters.

Parent Progress Reports: Our student progress tracking and data programs allow us to produce monthly or weekly progress reports for parents which include daily session notes, assessment and performance tracking, attendance and updates to the program. These reports can be sent electronically via email directly to parents or be printed.

Typical Title 1 Program

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