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Check MarkManaging the Student-Led Classroom
Check MarkInquiry Based Program Design
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Check MarkImproving Self, Improving Students
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  • Orange TagManaging The Student-Led Classroom

    Track student progress using behavioral trackers and objective mastery trackers; identify the root cause of behavior; instill accountability into student group work and student-led classrooms.

    Participants of this training program will learn specific strategies for managing a student-led classroom. Participants will receive classroom management and group tracking rubrics developed by Action Potential Learning. Training focuses on effective group management strategies and implementation of tracking systems into classrooms where group work or laboratory work are essential. This foundational course represents a total of 3 credit hours per participant. The class can be extended to a 6 credit hour program that teaches effective curriculum design and lesson planning based on your student’s individual data. With these tools teachers will then be able to appropriately group and challenge students and to implement immediate solutions to problems discovered in the analysis of student behavior and learning. All participants leave the class with SMART goals that can be implemented in their own classrooms.

    Check MarkLearn specific management strategies to effectively lead an inquiry-based, student-led classroom
    Check MarkIdentify root causes of behavior and track student progress using behavioural trackers and other classroom management rubrics
    Check MarkInstill accountability into student group work and student- led classrooms
    Check MarkAll Action Potential Learning credits represent approved Texas CPE credits for professional development. Participants receive a certificate of completion.



  • Orange TagInquiry-Based Program Design

    Track concept mastery in an inquiry-based classroom setting; develop specific lesson plans and calenders to build rigorous classroom content.

    Participants of this training program will learn how to build an inquiry-based learning environment by developing specific lesson plans and calendars aligned to math, science, and reading TEKS. Educators will use objective mastery tracking to build low to high-level question stems into their inquiry-based lesson so that students can grow according to their academic abilities. Methods of appropriately checking for student understanding will be highlighted within this course, and a focus on analysing multiple sources of data will help participants build a comprehensive action plan for student learning. Programs will be grouped according to grade level and subject, when possible, to facilitate team planning in their subject area. This will allow participants to develop their own action plan within the training itself. Each participant will leave with a lesson plan and unit plan that is differentiated to multiple student groups and is rigorously aligned to course objectives.



  • Orange TagFollow The FormulaTM STAAR Mastery

    Use objective mastery trackers to align course content to state standards and check for student understanding of key STAAR content. This program analyzes testing strategies and objective content necessary to improve student growth on the STAAR exam.

    This 3 hour program analyzes past STAAR content to help participants build a test preparation plan within their classroom. Participants will learn to frame classroom learning around core content mastery and will learn to implement a concept mastery tracker into the classroom to track student results and identify target areas for student learning. This training helps participants focus on analysing multiple sources of STAAR data. Testing techniques are studied to help develop course curriculum and targeted lesson plans that are relevant and aligned to the expectations and rigor of the STAAR exams. Participants will understand the exact requirements for student learning in every objective, and will learn how to prioritize concept mastery based on real- time data within the classroom. Analysis of mastery trackers will help participants understand how to place students into academically appropriate groups and teach accountability and mastery of course objectives. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of all TEKS tested on STAAR and the necessary testing preparation, strategies and tools to improve student performance and growth. This program can be selected as a 3-hour survey training or extended to 12 hours for a comprehensive and detailed STAAR preparation course.

    Check MarkIdentify application meanings for TEKS and build aligned classroom content; learn to identify concept mastery of important objectives within the classroom
    Check MarkTrack student performance and mastery trends over time to identify areas of growth or areas of concern
    Check MarkLearn proven test preparation techniques to help students improve STAAR scores using statistically significant methods of test strategies
    Check MarkBuild more targeted lesson plans aligned to the exact requirements of the STAAR to ensure that student mastery within the classroom translates to success on the STAAR



  • Orange TagImproving Self, Improving Students

    Participants will receive a scientifically-valid NEO® personality assessment to better understand their areas of strength and leadership style. Results will be used to implement stronger leadership and classroom management.

    Participants in this course will learn the unique characteristics of personality dimension using the scientifically-valid NEO® test, and will learn how different personalities align with team members and students. Participants will then apply this knowledge to managing students within the classroom. Extending on this knowledge, participants will learn specific coaching techniques and classroom leadership strategies to be applied within their own classrooms. By delving deeper into individual personality traits, participants will analyze and understand individual student behaviors to help develop a stronger classroom culture through specific leadership strategies. Training includes a complete, confidential NEO® personality analysis and report for each participant.


    Check MarkLearn Self-Aware Leadership Skills
    Check MarkAlign With Other Team Members
    Check MarkBuild Coaching Techniques and Classroom Management Skills


  • Orange TagCustom Instruction & Design

    Receive technical training on intervention & enrichment class content plus design approaches. The program builds upon custom curriculum classes allowing for instructional expertise aligned to lessons.

    Participants in this training will learn the principles within the designed class curriculum, how to operate any applicable equipment or programs, underlying concepts, best practice in instruction for that track, and will be given resources and support for project activities and design elements to integrate these programs into currently existing programs or resources at the school. Instructional training is aligned to all applicable TEKS. Course length varies depending on length of program.


  • Orange TagCoaching, Observation & Support

    Receive valuable feedback and support to improve classroom instruction.

    Participants of this coaching program receive full lesson observations and coaching for any academic or enrichment based course. Each lesson-hour of observation includes an observation report, technical feedback, and future action item steps within a written report, plus a thirty minute in- person or phone coaching & feedback session.


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Block Quote
"This workshop was so powerful for me. What you presented is now part of my goals and action plans for the school year, and I am so excited to put everything I learned into use. Thank you for a great course!"
-Aldine ISD Science Teacher

"This training course was incredible. My leadership team learned so much about themselves and what we needed to do on our campus. I want my entire staff to hear this message!"
-Houston ISD Principal

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