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We are an intervention and enrichment education company that helps connect math, science, and literacy learning to real world applications by pairing students with experienced educators and real-world professionals who have a strong record of academic achievement. Our intervention tutoring, enrichment classes, and school programs allow us to reach students in multiple ways and help foster a love of learning that inspires creativity and problem solving. Operating since 2013, we have grown to provide tutorial support and enrichment programs to dozens of school districts and hundreds of private families, ultimately serving thousands of Texas-area students. Our goal as a company is to impact student achievement through a variety of avenues to maximize each student’s potential. Contact us today to learn about the many solutions we provide to schools and school districts, and how we as a team are here to serve the needs of your school, teachers, and students.

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Block QuoteOur Mission: Action Potential Learning is dedicated to helping students achieve intellectual growth, curiosity, and improved academic performance by providing high-quality and economical education services to schools, parents, and students.

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Action Potential Learning offers expert educational solutions to schools. We provide STAAR tutoring services to help individual students excel in a small group setting. We implement strategic Response to Intervention programs and provide personal remediation plans for students, helping to improve academic success. Our rigorous and standardized hiring process combined with consistent support and training allows us to provide the most credentialed & talented in-school tutors on the market today. 

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Experienced scientists, mathematicians, and educators work with Action Potential Learning to create curriculum based on research-backed methods for student learning. Students are taught to expand their creativity and discover their own methods of learning by engaging in innovative enrichment and career-based activities. We differentiate our curricula to reach students of all levels, from first grade through high school. 

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Orange Tag Professional Development

Action Potential Learning uses a hypothesis-driven approach when assessing school and district needs. Our experienced consultants develop a detailed needs assessment based on school or district data. We then pair those results with rigorous program solutions and customize effective plans to improve student learning. As a TEA-certified provider of continuing professional education, we use our extensive backgrounds as teachers and principals to promote top-tier programs within schools. 

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Programs Custom Built

Programs Custom Built For Your School

Our comprehensive programs are designed to address the growing need for support areas like STEM and literacy, with the goal of improving objective mastery and STAAR performance.  We can help you build a successful course on campus or provide support with curriculum and training.


Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum Tailored to School Need

Our curriculum is rooted in best instructional practices & molded to fit the needs of your school.  From classroom intervention to grant writing programs for enrichment, and professional development classes, Action Potential Learning provides a full suite of school improvement solutions to school districts and educators.


Highly Qualified Tutors

Highly Qualified Tutors & Instructors

All Action Potential Learning tutors & instructors are degreed professionals with a strong record of academic success and instructional experience.  We utilize a rigorous interview process to select candidates based on both content knowledge and teaching ability with only 5% of applicants making the cut.



Action Potential Learning is a proud Texas- based company. We take the time to focus our curriculum, planning, training, and programs on content important to Texas schools. We know the STAAR and we train our educators to master the structure, requirements and subtleties of standardized testing in The State of Texas. As a Texas-focused company, we understand what is required for student competency of TEKS-based material, and design programs to support students at the appropriate level for their specific grade. Any program we offer is rooted in the TEKS- from our TEKS-aligned enrichment classes and curriculum, to our STAAR target tutorial and intervention services, to the training and professional development courses we offer.

Unlike other larger national companies, we don’t focus instructional time on anything that doesn’t directly impact Texas schools and the standards they are held to. While most larger national companies focus primarily on the Common Core Standards with the hopes of reaching Texas students, we devote all training, resources and support to the Texas standards and the rigor of the STAAR. As proud Texans, we also take southern hospitality to heart. It is important for every team member to provide excellent service and support to all of our schools and students and to make sure that we are always available with guidance and support and with a unified goal of helping to advance student education in the state of Texas.

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