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Tutorial & Intervention Services

We offer comprehensive academic programs that focus on intervention of regular classroom material in the form of tutorials or classes.  Our programs are held before school, after school, throughout the entire school day, evening hours, weekends, and during the summer.  With several tutorial service packages to choose from, our services can be tailored to fit the needs of your specific school and students.

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  • Orange TagAPL COMPREHENSIVE Tutorials


    This tutorial package, best for groups of up to 5 students, focuses on STAAR mastery of key TEKS content and includes our most comprehensive tutorial service package. Sessions may be held on weekends, before, after or during school hours, holidays, or during the summer months. Included within this package Action Potential Learning will provide all resources required for instruction including lesson plans, practice tests, curriculum, manipulatives, student notebooks, and all ancillary materials. Tutorials include student progress tracking and daily session notes and/or objective mastery tracking. In addition, more robust student data may be tracked, such as behavioral and individual session performance. All sessions integrate test preparation strategies in addition to objective mastery content focus for all required standards.

    Check MarkTutorial course selection includes small group math, science, reading & writing as well as strategic test preparation strategies
    Check MarkComprehensive approach: all curriculum, lesson plans, practice tests and equipment provided
    Check MarkSessions may be held before/after/during school, weekends, holidays or during the summer months
    Check MarkComplete student data tracking including individualized student session notes objective mastery tracking, and behavior/attendance tracking through our online portal


    This tutorial package is focused on STAAR mastery of key TEKS through sessions held during the school day inside the classroom or during pull-outs when activities, resources and lessons support the work being performed by the student’s teacher at the classroom level. Basic resources such as manipulatives, student notebooks, etc. are included, but regular classroom teachers provide the focus of tutorial sessions and/ or additional resources if needed for the tutorial. Tutorials include group progress tracking including daily session notes and/ or objective mastery tracking data for students as well as basic test preparation strategies.

    Check MarkTutorial course selection includes math, science, reading & writing as well as strategic test preparation strategies.
    Check MarkMost curriculum, lesson plans and practice tests are provided by the regular classroom teacher, with additional ancillary equipment provided by APL as needed
    Check MarkSessions only held during regular classroom hours or in support of teacher-led instruction
    Check MarkGroup student data tracking including group session notes and group objective mastery tracking through Action Potential Learning’s online teacher resource portal
  • Orange TagAPL STUDENT SUPPORT Tutorials


    This tutorial package reflects STAAR tutorials held during the school day, before/ after school, or on weekends when activities, resources, and lessons support the work already being performed by the student’s teacher at the classroom level, and where homework and all other student work is provided by the classroom teachers to the tutors. This tutorial focus is on student help only, where no concepts or lessons are taught to students but instead where tutors are provided resources for students to ask questions or receive help with homework prompts or current classroom work that must be completed. Tutorials include group student progress tracking including daily session notes.

    Check MarkTutorial course selection includes small group math, science, reading & writing
    Check MarkAll curriculum, lesson plans, practice tests provided by the regular classroom teacher, with additional ancillary equipment provided by APL as needed
    Check MarkSessions focused on student help only, where tutors provide direct student support of concepts or lessons taught by the main classroom teacher
    Check MarkGroup daily session notes are provided as well as feedback to classroom teachers on student understanding

Top 95th Tutors School Improvement

Top 95th Percentile Tutors


All Action Potential Learning tutors and instructors are highly degreed professionals from a diverse range of academic disciplines including education and STEM-related fields. Action Potential Learning educators hold at least a bachelor’s degree or higher with over 33% holding an advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D., Ed.D., M.D., J.D.). In addition, over 25% of our tutors are state certified educators with specific knowledge of both relevant subject matter and educational best practices. As experts on testing strategies, our tutors on average are in the 96th percentile for historical standardized testing taken throughout their careers (SAT, ACT, MCAT, SAT Subject Tests, LSAT etc.).

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Learning Plans


Tutors use concept mastery guides, individual or group learning plans, and lesson plans and guides to build learning plans for students or group sessions, ensuring every tutorial session is targeted and specific to the needs of the students.

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Content, Behavior, Attendance Tracking


Our robust teacher resource portal allows every tutor to define content covered in each session, track individual student or group behavior and attendance data, and gives them the ability to write notes and communicate effectively with campus staff and teachers allowing for better alignment of classroom instruction with our intervention support programs.

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  • Tutors review student progress, benchmark data, and any other data provided by the school on a weekly basis through shared planning time.
  • Supplemental training is provided to tutors to help better determine how student data should impact the tutor’s instructional practices.
  • Comprehensive end-of-year data analysis allows us to consistently improve our services and support and provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of the programs on the school campus.

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